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Absolute serene, Arashiyama

Bamboo forest

If you ever visit Kyoto, the bamboo forest is a place you have to visit. If I were to list out places to visit in Kyoto, Arashiyama is definitely at the top few on the list, the beauty and serenity of the bamboo forest is very worthwhile to make a trip down.

< It’s actually not easy to find the pathway empty as it’s a very famous location, but everyone seems to becomes very quiet while walking along, it’s something I can’t really explain… >

There are many places you can visit in Arashiyama as it’s a very touristy area, do a search online and you will definitely find a list of many places. But it’s not possible to visit everything that’s recommended in one day from my experience, especially if it’s your first time visiting, the streets can be quite confusing.

But the Bamboo forest is a place not to be miss, the moment you step into the forest, the calmness that surrounds you is pleasant. Especially when the breeze is blowing, the soft rustling of the bamboo leaves that surrounds you make you feel very calm. Not surprising as it's listed as one of the 100 soundscapes of Japan!

< Waited for quite a while for this section to be empty, but it’s definitely worth the wait. >

< An old man sits by the side of the path doing some painting. >

We enter the forest after visiting Tenryuji Temple as the entrance to the bamboo forest is just outside the temple exit. Tenryuji Temple is worth a visit for it’s beautiful garden, it’s actually quite impressive.

Along the main streets, you’ll find many shops along the way...we have some very tasty snacks.

Togetsukyo Bridge

Towards the end of the main streets, you will find Togetsukyo Bridge, one of the most iconic landmark of Arashiyama.

The sound of running river that greets you when you exit the main streets is very nice, I love it very much. It is especially popular during the cherry blossom and autumn seasons and it’s not hard to see why. But we visit during the winter so there aren’t many people around, which is nice in some way.

< I can imagine the blooming of the cherry trees during spring or the colourful mountains in autumn as backdrop here will be very beautiful. >


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