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An enchanted pond, Blue Pond in Hokkaido (青い池)

The Blue Pond was never widely known until Apple used it for one of it’s Mac OS wallpaper, at least it’s that way for me.

Emerald beauty

In case you wonder, it was said the colour of the pond changes from time to time, it was emerald green when I visited.

Unlike many tourist spots around Japan, the Blue Pond isn’t really what you call a develop tourist attraction. It’s not easily accessible via public transport and there isn’t much you can do over there except to enjoy the beautiful view. Driving there is recommended and the carpark is just a very short walk away from the pond.

Of course, it’s still worth a visit as the pond is really beautiful~! An half an hour stay is more than enough to fully explore the area.

The path along the pond are line with some very nice trees which we enjoy walking along. Remember to check out the rest of my post on Hokkaido here!


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