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Above the rest, Abeno Harukas

If you are wondering how I get to capture the photo that's the background image on my website, read on...

The tallest building in Japan is in Osaka (as of the date of this post), besides some really big shopping area, Osaka Marriott also occupies 38th to 57th floors of Abeno Harukas, one of the latest landmark in Osaka. It’s my first 5 stars hotel stays in Japan and the view from the room is amazing.

< As you can see, there isn’t much skyscraper in Osaka… >

The Stay

The stay at Marriott is very good, no doubt about it. Definately a five star experience, with Japanese hospitality thrown in.

< The toilet is the best I’ve been compare to all the hotels I’ve stayed! >

< The view from the room is very cool, I bet there isn’t much hotels in the world that could offer view like this from their room! >

< Pops up a telephoto lens and you can see just how close all those buildings are together~! >

< Even the view from their lobby is so amazing! >

< I also like that big tall windows at their lobby that lets in so much natural lights… >

The observation

Now, the observation deck of Abeno Harukas... It occupied the top three floors of the skyscraper, from 58th to 60th, opened from 10am to 10pm daily.

For those photographers, you should know it’s impossible to capture anything in good blue or golden lights after 10am, you can forget about sunrise. But as a guest of the hotel, you are entitled to visit the observation deck from 7am to 8:30am before it’s open to the public, just in time for that golden sun to pops out of the horizon~!

< And before that, some blue lights…

< And golden lights… >

If you don’t plan to stay in the hotel, you can still plan for a sunset. But prepare to take up more time for the visit as for the few days of my stay, the Q for the observation deck is really long. Besides, I heard tripod isn’t allowed. But during my visit, the staffs did not stop me from using my tripod, maybe it’s special just for the guest of the hotel.

By the way, even taking the lift up to the 60th floor is very cool, remember to look up when you are in the lift! You can check out a video I made below:


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