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Awesomely beautiful, Shiretoko Five Lakes

If there’s one place I’m ask to recommend visiting in Hokkaido during spring, there’s no doubt that Shiretoko Five Lakes will come first into my mind.

Sure, there are many beautiful places in Hokkaido.. but let me just say…show them Shiretoko Five Lakes and they can’t wait to see the rest.

Shiretoko National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, very limited access via public transport, so a rental car to location is recommended. Besides, the scenery along the way is super nice too!

< Even the scenery around the entrance is nice! >

How can you expore the lakes

There are two ways to explore the five lakes, one through the elevate wooden walkway which can take about 45 mins to 1 hour to complete on a good pace. It’s free and is a very pleasant way to explore the park, but you only get to see one of the lake.

The other way is by the grounded pathway, which accessibility varies from seasons or days. For more informations you may refer to their official site here.

I didn’t experience the grounded pathway as it’s a bear aware season so a licensed guided tour is required. Even though we arrived in the morning, the next available tour only starts in the afternoon, really need to be there early if you want to explore the grounded pathway during this season.

Anyway the scenery along the wooden walkway is already very beautiful~!

< I stayed at this vantage point for quite a long time…just can’t believe how beautiful it is!>

Remember to stop to enjoy the rest of the view along the way…

Of course, when you get to the lake, it’s just pure beauty…

The long distance drive to this place is definitely worth it, but remember, if you plan to see all the five lakes, be there really early during the seasons where guided tour is require.

Besides Shiretoko Five Lakes, remember to visit the Blue Pond too~! You’ll be mesmerised by the beauty of the pond~! Also, remember to check out the rest of my post on Hokkaido here!


Book an activity in Hokkaido

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