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Pink Wonderland, Nonky Land (Higashimokoto Shibazakura Park)

Nonky Land is a place that will definately make you go "Wow!" the moment you sees it, the huge amount of moss pink covering the hill is impressive!

Be prepare to spend at least an hour or two to experience the magical place at a slow pace~!

< I have to climb many steps with all my camera equipments to get this angle, have to take some rest on the way up. I must be getting old, but the view is totally worth it~! >

< The amount of pink covering the whole hill is just spectacular~! >

It's definately a place you need to experience when you visit Hokkaido! Do check their festive period as the full bloom is quite short live, it usually happen between early May to early June. We were quite lucky as the temperture is unusal this year so we mange to experience the full bloom when we visit.

Getting here

You may visit the park when there are shuttle bus service running, their offical website here.

Alternatively, you can also drive yourself by a rental car like me, the map of the park here. Do remember to check out the bloom period on their website here when you are planing to visit this wonderful park!

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