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A day @ Nara (奈良)

Nara remains as one of the most memorable place I’ve visited in Japan… The place is just fill with peaceful aura. Besides, I think it is one of the few places in the world where you get to walk around the streets with tame deer wondering around~!

Not just few of them, many~! In fact I’ve read there’re thousands around the park~!

Nara Park

I didn’t see thousands that day, but definitely at least a hundreds. They’re just everywhere, parks, temples, streets, bustop, even on the roads.

Back home, we only have dogs and cats on the streets, not deer… It’s just feels so special when you are able to walk along with these deers around you~!

< She say this one is very cute. >

< This one is looking for food in the bag… be careful of the stuffs you carry as these deers are really hungry! >

There are some streets stalls selling deer crackers, you can purchase them to feed the deers. But beware, they tend to get more aggressive when you are feeding them, you can check out the video below, the feeding starts somewhere from the middle of the video:

Also, some of them actually have learned to bow to ask to be fed, you can try bowing to them and see if they bow back before feeding them.

< No idea why this guy keep chewing on the metal chain >

< This one just don’t care whatever you do to him, very cool deer~ >

Todaiji Temple

Another very famous attraction in Nara is the Todaiji Temple.

< The compound is huge! >

< The temple itself is very impressive~! If you ask me, the entrance fee is definitely worth it! >

It is said that those who are able to squeeze through this opening at the base of this pillar will be granted enlightenment in their next life… Looking at the size of the hole, I doubt any adult is able to achieve that without any special training… better do it while you are still young.

The area around the temple is really very peaceful, you feels so peaceful just walking along…

< It’s one of her favourite portrait… >

Nara Park is a good place for a side trip if you visit Kyoto or Osaka, I highly recommend to plan a day or half day trip to this wonderful place~!


Nara can be easily access from Kyoto and Osaka via JR Line or Kintetsu Line to JR Nara Station or Kintetsu Nara Station. Though Kintetsu Nara Station is nearer to Nara Park, you can take the local bus to Nara park if you stop at JR Nara Station.


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