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Scenic Beauty of Amanohashidate (天橋立)~!

Have travelled to Japan last winter and I’m loving this country even more, it seems getting better after every trip.

The Sandbar

One of the more unique place in Japan I’ve visited happened on this trip, Amanohashidate. Listed as one of the three most celebrated scenic sights of Japan, it’s no wonder, just take a look at this...

It wasn’t in a good weather when I’m there as it’s raining and very cloudy, this photo is the best I could make out of the trip. Nevertheless, the experience of being there is special…no words can describe how great it feels to be there.

I travelled there from Kyoto and it’s a two hour express train ride via Kita-Kinki Tango Railway.

From Amanohashidate Station take a short walk to the cable car station that bring you up to Amanohashidate View Land, here you will be rewarded with very nice view of the sandbar.

Prepare to spend at least a full day touring the whole area as there’s plenty of things to do and see, including walking or cycling along the 3.3km sandbar fill with pine trees. There are vantage point on both side of the mountains, you can find plenty of travel information on their official site here so I won’t be doing a lengthy post on something can be found easily on the web.

The seafood

What I do like to share is this very friendly and traditional restaurant which you will definitely need, it wasn’t feature on the sites I search but I felt it’s definitely worth a visit.

Here are some of the photos of the dishes I’ve taken during my lunch there.

< There is a buttery taste in these and I’ve never know they can taste so good. >

< Looking are these while they are getting grilled is just mouth watering torture. >

< These sashimi are just so so good~ >

< The crab is tasty, my only complain is the portion is too small. >

< This grilled fish is so good we order another. >

< I ordered the “triple tasting sake”, I must say the local one are the most fragrance of the three, but frankly I enjoy all of them. >

Needless to say, these are not just what I’ve ordered, I’m so busy enjoying the food… The price of the food is reasonable, not expensive, the lady boss is also super friendly, we talk a lot and she even gave us two bottle of sake to bring home when we left~!

The restaurant is 美加茂, address: 京都府宮津市字文珠484-1, I found a Japanese website that feature them here, there is a photo of the restaurant so you will know what you are looking for, enjoy~!


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