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Yellow wonderland, rapeseed flower in Hokkaido

This wasn’t a planed trip as we have no idea where to head to after our “Tokachi Day” experience. Our guide mention that there’s this yellow flower field that is nearby… having noticing these flower fields while I’m driving by earlier on, we decided to give it a try.

I’m really glad we make that decision…

< Just look at how much flowers there are~! >

< You are literally bathing in yellow flowers here~! >

The feeling to be in this vast expanse of flowers is really good, you just feel so happy to be walking among these beautiful flowers!

The weather is very good that day, we spend a good half an hour walking and enjoying ourself here… we were the only family who visit the field so that makes the experience even more special!

What a wonderful unplanned trip for us! If you happen to see these yellow flower field when you visit Hokkaido, do give them a visit when possible!

Finding it It was a very impromptu visit so I don’t have the exact location of this flower field. But I do remember that it’s near ( about 15mins drive) the area where we have our “Tokachi day experience” so it should be somewhere around Tokachi Hills in Nikko Northland Obihiro.

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