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Fushimi Inari-taisha, the unforgettable journey.

Fushimi Inari-taisha, is a very famous and important shrine located at the south of Kyoto, expecially the thousands Torii Gates which is extremely porpular with tourist and locals.

They just seems to go on forever... not surprising as it's said to be around 10,000 gates across the whole area, including the mountain trails.

If you intend to explore the mountain trails, prepare at least half a day at this shrine as the walk up the mountain takes around 2 hours on normal pace, and there will be shops and small resturants along the way.

Aditionally, if you prefer a cooler and quiter walk, visit the mountain when the night falls as the mountain trails are open 24 hours.

< It's quite steep on some parts of the routes >

Besides walking through the Torii Gates, take your time to enjoy the shrine surrounding before you get in, you'll feel you have transcend back in time.

Getting there

Getting there is pretty straightforward, just take the train on JR Nara line and alight at Inari station. The shrine is just a short walking distance from the station, very easy to find.


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