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Travelling with Interfone

My usual travel

My usual practice to keep me connected while travelling is either to subscribe to a local service provider's data roaming services or to pick up a data travel SIM for travellers at my destination.

There are pros and cons either way. When using my service provider's data roaming service, I'll only need one device while I'm travelling overseas, but the cost of having this luxury is much more expensive in comparison to getting a local data SIM at my destination.

While a local data SIM is much cheaper, I always need to carry another device like an iPad or another mobile phone to use mobile data and receive calls with my personal mobile number simultaneously. I wouldn't want to miss any potential business calls while i'm travelling! Not to mention the need to search for the correct SIM provider at my destination! It once took me three hours just to find the correct providers with the right package in Greece, imagine how much I could have missed! Yes, Google doesn't always give you the correct answers.

The Interfone experience

On my trip to the beautiful cities of Europe, I collaborated with Interfone to try out their innovative way of keeping me connected while travelling.

What Interfone does is allowing me to use mobile data, SMS and calls with just one mobile phone while retaining my personal number! How wonderful is that? All I need is to do is stick the Interfone SIM Sticker to the back of my existing SIM card, download the easy to use My Interfone App (iPhone / Android), set up the phone with a few simple steps and switch my phone to "AWAY" mode just before I take off, it's that simple! What's more, I only need to apply it once and I'm covered in almost 100 countries indefinitely!

All you need to do is head to Interfone's website @ to purchase your SIM package and it will be mailed to you within 3 - 5 working days. Be delighted to know that with their affordable package you can save up to 90% on calls and roaming when you travel!

I've lost count on how many times when I've had to work and the hotel wifi was nonexistent... with Interfone, I could just connect my Macbook to my mobile via hotspot to make my day. :)

My experience with the mobile network during my Europe trip was pretty good, even high up on the Swiss Alps!

So head on to for a hassle-free roaming solution that gives you high quality and cost-effective voice and data services at your next destination!

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