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How not to photograph real estate with your mobile phone.

In short, don't.

I've lost count the number of times I seen real estate posting on some leading websites that give a wonderful description of their listing and those photos just fell short, very short. Looking at them you can immediately understand why, they are snap using their mobile phone most of the time.

Yes, it's fast and easy with mobile phone but why use such bad photos to represent half a million, a million or multi million property? A bad photo can make the property feels less valuable and a good one can make it feels more than it's worth!

The little experiment, iPhone VS DSLR

During my stay at Hotel Nuve Heritage, I decided to do some experiment to prove my point...Here are some photos I've snap using my iPhone.

It's the typical snaps you will see on most of the property listing on the leading property websites posted by the agents. What's wrong? You might ask, it is sharp enough and it's showing what the interior looks like.

True, but that's where the distortion of perspective with Ultra Wide Angle comes into play, to your favour of course.

A sense of space is realised with an Ultra Wide Angle lens. These are taken at the same positions as the iPhone, but because of the nature of an UWA lens, the sense of space is distorted. A typical small hotel room becomes much more spacious than it actually is. And because I have much more control over the equipments, much more dynamic and details is possible.

And because you can include much more details into a photo, your potential clients doesn't have to imagine how an area looks like with a few photos of the same area.

In short...

In this day and age where informations are moving faster and being consume on a smaller screen like a mobile phone or tablet, a good looking photograph is even more important to be able to capture that potential client in an instant.

Feel free to check out some of my interior and architecture work here!

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